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Intelligent, brilliant, creative, clever, rational, wise, genius, marvel, philosophical, perfectionist, Lethargic, inquisitive, omniscient, immaculate,revolutionary... Just a few words that sum up my personality.At first i am kind of Shy but open up once you get to know me. i like tattoos and Piercings i love traveling too. . they ask me, where do i See my self in ten years? [my evil laugh] i plan to take over The woooooorld!! buahahahahaha, and the funny thing is... i'm Dead serious. because, there's a lot more to me than what people May assume. my main past-times include reading, research, writing Poetry, intellectual conversations etc etc. basically, whatever it Takes to my male friends say i am a sweet heart, cute n adorable. They say i am a lady n polite. i have a good sense of humor n Open minded. i am patient n treat people with the respect they deserve.i believe the beauty of A person lies with their heart, mind, n soul. i enjoy mother nature N am drug free....

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