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Born in Holland. Emigrated to Australia in 1967. Was involved in the flavour/perfume/cosmetic chemicals industry all my life. Retired in 1998. Have two daughters (42 and 39) and four grandsons (8-6-4-2). I love nature, camping, fishing, boating, motorbike riding/touring. (mostly with my dog Nugget). I have a cabincruiser 8.6 mtr. called "BINDA" and love cruising Port Philip Bay in Victoria-Australia. Also have a Honda 250cc and a Yamaha 1000cc with sidecar. Have never travelled a great deal, apart from visiting family in Holland.But with my new friend we intend to travel a lot more and are currently planning a trip to the Philippines in March this year. Would like to find out more about the Philippines, so will browse the Departure lounge and enter a few questions.

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