Hello! My name is Ryan Wilcox a music producer under the name of Night Wolf from Bedford UK. I chased and gained all I thought would make me happy in life, but now I have it, I realize this is not what makes me happy at all, So in the pursuit of happiness I have decided to sell all my personal possessions and travel and I have formed some sort of a plan! I will obtain a half descent camera, and travel via the cheapest routes through as much of Eastern Europe as possible, volunteering/working via Woofer and Work Away . Via bike/train/bus and walking, volunteering my way through the following route of France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, visiting both the inner and outta each country. Taking only my clothes ,tent, a travel Akai Midi Keyboard, Maxwell Headphones, my Nikon Camera and ASUS Laptop, I will create a small documentary where each week I will record my daily activities At the end of each 2-3 days I will create a single track with a single instrument with no set tempo or format, just to express how I feel at that point. As I travel I will continue to record and repeat this process and allow others I meet during my travels to become involved. At the end of my journey I will put all the parts I have created together and will create one whole song from my travels in Europe along with an edited documentary to go with it, here is the birth of Song Of Travel!

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