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The Porter Project is a not for profit project which aims to improve the working conditions of the porters and muleteers of the Andean region. Porters come from struggling rural areas and suffer exploitation, carrying equipment, carrying equipment for agencies and tourists. Currently we have a participative project to design a backpack for porters; tourist awareness raising initiatives; porter training schemes and more. <BR> <BR>We are always looking for – <BR> <BR>- Volunteers to help out with data collection trips, creative projects, environmental projects <BR> <BR>- Equipment needed, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, durable ponchos, 2/4 person tents, headlamps with rechargeable batteries and charger ( In Peru there are no battery recycling facilities so old batteries end up in the river, with heavy metal leaking into the waterways eventually ending up in the food chain) also needed are base layers, lightweight made from polypropolene or similar materials. <BR> <BR>- We do not need, socks or shoes (most porters do not want to use socks and shoes and are very happy with their tyre sandels “ojotas” ), please don’t bring any jumpers, hats, gloves, scarfs as Peru produces alpaca which is one of the warmest wools in the world so it is actually quite culturally insensitive to offer the porters alternatives. <BR>Final note on donations sizes - they need to be small or medium sized clothes. <BR>- Office equipment such as printers, pens, books, folders, blu-tack, post-it notes <BR> <BR>- Digital camera and filming equipment <BR> <BR>If you are in doubt about any donations drop us a line…….

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