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Hi friends .how are you? I hope you all are fine and good? I write u my all about my sweet and very small dreams .i hope you help me in this? I just need a good wife only in my life I don’t care about bodies about ages if she is 26 to 35year old its acceptable for me but just need her good heart and good beautiful soul. No need any thing no need money no need body beaty.just need her inner beauty wanna one man married life and sweet sweet childerns…and happy honest neat and clean life with me. who take me under her shadow and ask me emman oh emman i love u and now u are mine and i am ur and i wanna she give me two stars one is son and second is my daughter i wanna lead my life with one wife and my cute cute stars happly we play togather in our home we see cartoon and funny movies togather my stars laughing my wife smileing i wanna i give my one one second to my wife and my stars full with love and cares and my wife too i want to help her in cooking she some time fight with me angry with me then i hold my ears in my hands and ask her sorry with my cute smile then s

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