Hotel Camping Mali i Robit, Albania.

Occur during the national road Durres-Kavaja, in the municipality of Golem, 15 km from Durres and 5 km from kavaja, 300 m distance from the national road, and 100 m from the Adriatic Sea. In the middle of a high pine forest of thick, that create a rare environment. We have 15 years to perform this activity.

Hotel Camping Mali i Robit, is open all the year.

-Services and facilities are more pleasant for tourists,

including internet and wireless.

-The Hotel has 21 rooms, each room has: access to them, bathroom with shower, tv, balcony, etc. ... 10 rooms have matrimonial beds, 11 rooms with 2 beds are separated.

-Abode for cars and rulotat is abundant and safe.

Provided all conditions for a more comfortable holiday.

-The kitchen of Hotel Camping Mali i Robit , offers wonderful traditional Albanian food and very diverse gustove adapting time.

-Restaurant inside takes about 150 people, also takes as many people outside -From the shadow of high pines, environment is fresh and clean. Just like a natural air conditioning.

-National road is 500 m from the Hotel,

-Mother Teresa International Airport is 35 km,

-Durresi Port is 15 km,

-The nearest hospital is 5 km (at Kavaja).

 -In this area:

-The average January temperature is 15 * Celsius,

-Average July temperature is 25 * Celsius.

-Are about 280 sunny days a year.

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