Vila Viçosa attractions

Palace in Vila Viçosa

Paço Ducal

The dukes of Bragança built their palace in the early 16th century when the fourth duke, Dom Jaime, decided he had had enough of his uncomfortable hilltop castle. The wealthy Bragança family, originally from Braganç…
Museum in Vila Viçosa

Museu de Arqueologia & Museu de Caça

Inside the historic castelo looming above Vila Viçosa, you’ll find an intriguing collection of relics from days past, as well as some less appealing animal skins and assorted other taxidermy. Nevertheless, a visit t…
Castle in Vila Viçosa


The fascinating Dom Dinis walled hilltop castle was where the Bragança family lived before Paço Ducal was built. Part of it has been transformed into the Museu de Arqueologia and Museu de Caça – a must-visit. Surrou…
Church in Vila Viçosa

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Within the castle walls is this brilliantly tiled 15th-century church. It is also known as Solar da Padroeira, Home of the Patron Saint – the Virgin’s image is within. It was here that in 1646 Dom João IV offered th…
Plaza in Vila Viçosa

Terreiro do Paço

The palace square covers 16,000 sq metres, and is ringed by the Paço Ducal, an enormous palace, the heavy-fronted Agostinhos Convent and graceful Chagas Nunnery. In the centre is a statue of Dom João IV.