Portuguese in Vila Real


A traditional roadside restaurant a little outside town on the EN2 towards Chaves, convivial Chaxoila serves up great daily specials such as cabrito (kid goat) and açorda (bread and shellfish stew) from the open-pla…
Portuguese in Vila Real

Terra de Montanha

From the black crockery to the halved wine casks that serve as booths, everything here is rigorously transmontana. The hearty local cuisine includes specialities such as posta barrosã (grilled veal steak). Weekday l…
Cafe in Vila Real

Casa Lapão

This spruce tearoom specialises in traditional local sweets, including cristas de galo (almond and egg paste in a buttery pastry dough), pitos de Santa Luzia (made with pumpkin and cinnamon) and pastéis de Santa Cla…
Bakery in Vila Real

Pastelaria Gomes

Vila Real's most traditional bakery is a great place for a coffee, a covilhete (the meat pastries it is famous for) and a spot of people-watching. The other branch is right behind, on Rua António Azevedo 2.
Portuguese in Vila Real


Popular with locals, this plain-faced, family-run place in the central pedestrian zone serves delicious, belly-filling regional dishes. At lunchtime, pratos do dia (daily specials) go for €5.
Bakery in Vila Real

Café Pastelaria Nova Pompeia

This large bright cafe and bakery serves omelettes and light meals at reasonable prices.
Market in Vila Real

Mercado Municipal

Self-caterers can stock up on rural produce at the market.