Top ChoicePalace in Vila Real

Casa de Mateus

Famously depicted on bottles of Mateus rosé, the 18th-century Casa de Mateus is one of Portugal’s great baroque masterpieces – probably the work of Italian-born architect Nicolau Nasoni. Guided tours of the...

Chapel in Vila Real

Capela Nova

Northeast of the cathedral is the magnificently over-the-top baroque facade of this 17th-century chapel. Inside are fine, 18th-century azulejos (hand-painted tiles) and large-headed cherubs with teddy-boy coifs.

Museum in Vila Real

Museu Etnográfico de Vila Real

This small but colourful museum documents the traditional culture of the surrounding highlands, with exhibits on linen-making, ceramics, farming techniques, games, musical instruments and local festivals.

Cathedral in Vila Real

Once part of a Dominican monastery, the Gothic sé has been given a lengthy facelift that has restored the 15th-century grandeur of its rather spare interior.