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Buy tickets for the ferry to Ayamonte, Spain, from this waterfront office. Ferries run every 30 minutes in summer and hourly the rest of the year. Note: there is a one-hour time difference between Portugal and Spain.


Eva buses ( serve the following destinations:

Faro €5.75, 1¾ hours, nine daily.

Lisbon €20, 4¾ hours, five daily.

Monte Gordo €2.35, 10 minutes, four daily.

Seville, Spain €18, two hours, one daily.

Tavira €4.50, 40 minutes, nine daily.


Vila Real is the eastern terminus of the Algarve line.

Trains run to Faro (€5.25, 65 minutes, 12 daily) via Tavira (€2.70, 30 minutes)