Trancoso restaurants

Portuguese in Trancoso

São Marcos Restaurante

With its pretty lace curtains, white tablecloths and woody decor, snug São Marcos is the very picture of an old-school Portuguese restaurant. In keeping with the decor, the menu sticks to the tried-and-tested with a…
Portuguese in Trancoso

Restaurante Área Benta

Ensconced in a traditional stone house off Largo Padre Francisco Ferreira, Área Benta is reckoned to be the best restaurant in town. Its spacious interior, complete with wood floors and exposed stone walls, provides…
Portuguese in Trancoso

Dom Gabriel

Just outside the city walls, this is the town's best-value restaurant for solid local fare. Meat dishes are well-garnished and simply prepared – the steaks are excellent – or you can push the boat out and go for fla…