Historic Site in Trancoso

Old Town

The Portas d’El Rei (King’s Gate), surmounted by the ancient coat of arms, was always the principal entrance, whose guillotinelike door sealed out unwelcome visitors. The walls run intact for over 1km around the med…
Castle in Trancoso


On a hill in the northeast corner of town is the tranquil castle, with its crenellated towers and the distinctively slanted walls of the squat, Moorish Torre de Menagem, which you can climb for views.
Tomb in Trancoso

Visigothic Tombs

Across the road from the Portas do Prado, beside the courthouse, is an untended rock outcrop carved with eerie, body-shaped cavities, thought to be Visigothic tombs dating to the 7th or 8th century.