Contrasts of Porto Private Tour: Classic & Urban Art

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What makes Porto so unique is its beautiful tiles and incredible street art. Combine them in this private experience and compare the old school tile full of tiles against the new cool vibes of the urban street art. Discover unique gems along the way with the help of a friendly local!

Tiles & street art go hand in hand in Porto, and thanks to the help of a friendly local you can see the spot on contrast between these two in the city. Compare and understand how this beautiful mix of new and old school styles make Porto so unique. Let’s start with some tiles! Meet your new local friend at the Municipal library, outside of the touristy area. Here you can spot some tiles and get a quick introduction of what this cool private experience is all about. And at Praça dos Poveiros, you’ll encounter your first sight of street art at a local hotspot. And if you are in luck, your favorite local will squeeze in a visit to ‘Maus Habitos’, a melting pot of cultural events where the hip locals like to hangout. A place that truly shows the contrasts between the old style and the new era is Praça da Batalha. Compare the styles of blue & white tile covered baroque church against places that bring some new culture and identity to the city, like the Teatro Nacional São João. And to keep the urban vibes going, the best place for that is Rua da Madeira, a hub for street art with incredible murals. Continue your walk through the urban vibes of the city and stop to visit the shop of a local that restores traditional instruments and gives them a new contemporary twist. Visit Rua das Flores and get lost in its side streets to discover graffiti gems! This newly restored area holds its history through its narrow streets and little details while it shows the new urban vibe of the city. Another place worth to take a look at is the ‘Mercado Ferreira Borges’. Not really a market but built with that intention, it is now a cultural hotspot where the locals enjoy concerts & other activities. The original architecture is intact and it shows how the contrasts can make a beautiful mix. Compare the different styles of the city, the new vs. the old but in the end equally beautiful. See how this creates a unique mix only found in Porto with the help of a local. The Plan: Meeting point  The Municipal libraryStop 1. Wander through this neighborhood that is known for the young people to hang outStop 2. Admire the Church of Santo IldefonsoStop 3. Get to know all about the different graffiti artworks near the stationStop 4. Enter a cool guitar shop where the owner makes these instruments by handStop 5. Walk along the Rua das Flores and enter a very authentic neighborhoorStop 6. Stop at a market dating from 1885 and admire the architectureEnd of the tour. Stroll through the area of Ribeira full of history and charm

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