Religious in Braga

Semana Santa

Braga hosts the most elaborate Easter celebrations in Portugal. It kicks off with Semana Santa, when Gregorian chants are piped throughout the city centre and makeshift candlelit altars light the streets at night. T…
Cultural in Braga

Festas de São João

A pre-Christian solstice bash dressed up to look like holy days, this festival still bursts with pagan energy. Held for 10 days every June, it features medieval folk plays, processions, dancing, bonfires, fireworks …
Religious in Viana do Castelo

Romaria de Nossa Senhora d’Agonia

Streets decorated with coloured sawdust, women decked out in traditional finery of scarlet and gold, men drinking till they keel over. Viana do Castelo’s Romaria de Nossa Senhora d’Agonia is one of the Minho’s most …
Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Vaca das Cordas & Corpus Christi

The ninth Friday after Easter is the date for a tradition that probably dates back at least to Roman times and possibly has Phoenician origins. It features a kind of bull-running in which young men goad a hapless bu…
Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Feiras Novas

Held here since 1125, this is one of Portugal’s oldest ongoing events. Stretching over three days during the third week of September, it centres on the riverfront, with a massive market and fair, and features folk d…
Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Feiras do Cavalo

Held annually in the third week of June, this horse fair is one of the town’s most raucous festivals, when the Expo Lima (the riverside fairgrounds) becomes a race track and stage for horses, carriages and musicians…
Cultural in Guimarães

Festas de Cidade e Gualterianas

Marked by a free fair (held in Guimarães since 1452 to honour its patron saint), this festival features folk dancing, rock concerts, fireworks and parades. It takes place on the first weekend in August.
Religious in Monção

Festa do Corpo de Deus

The town’s biggest party is held on Corpus Christi, the eighth Thursday after Easter. Events include a religious procession and medieval fair, with a re-enactment of St George battling the dragon.
Cultural in Monção

Feira do Alvarinho

The self-described cradle of Alvarinho, Monção hosts a three-day fair in honour of its wine in the first weekend of July. It features music, folk dancing and much eating and drinking.
Cultural in Ponte da Barca

Festa de São Bartolomeu

Held from 19 to 24 August, this festival sees folk music and dancing aplenty, not to mention parades and fireworks.