Religious in Mértola

Islamic Festival

Mértola comes to life every two years in May (dates change but it’s uneven numbered years) during the town’s Islamic Festival, when it is decorated to resemble a souk. Music, handicrafts and festivities continue for…
Music in Monsaraz

Museu Aberto

Monsaraz heaves with jollity during its weeklong Museu Aberto music festival, held in July in even-numbered years.
Religious in Serpa

Festas de Senhora de Guadalupe

Celebrations of Serpa’s patron saint take place over Easter from Good Friday to the following Tuesday – there is a pilgrimage to bring the saint’s image down to the parish church, and on the last day a procession ta…
Religious in Castelo de Vide

Easter Festival

Castelo de Vide’s big bash – and one of the most traditional of its festivals – is the four-day fair on Good Friday to Easter Monday when a couple of lambs go through the highs and lows of blessings and slaughter. P…
Music in Elvas

Festas do Senhor da Piedade e de São Mateus

Elvas starts to tap its blue suede shoes in late September, celebrating the Festas do Senhor da Piedade e de São Mateus, with everything from agricultural markets and bullfights to folk dancing and religious process…
Fiesta in Évora

Queima das Fitas

Like the famous celebrations in Coimbra, the Queima das Fitas features a riotous end-of-year celebration for University of Évora students finishing the term. Expect a week of outdoor concerts and DJ-fueled dance par…
Food & Drink in Évora

Rota de Sabores Tradicionais

A gastronomic festival that lasts for months, celebrating game in January, pork in February, soups in March, lamb in April and desserts in May. Traditional restaurants throughout the city serve specialities accordin…
Theatre in Serpa

Noites na Nora

This festival features nightly local theatre and music shows on a terrace tucked behind the aqueduct. It usually runs for two weeks in July, but check with the tourist office as dates can change.
Feria in Estremoz

Feira Internacional de Artesanato e Agro-Pecuária de Estremoz

The town’s biggest event is the Feira Internacional de Artesanato e Agro-Pecuária de Estremoz, a baskets, ceramics, vegetables and livestock bonanza, held for several days at the end of April.
Performing Arts in Portalegre

Festival Internacional do Teatro do Alentejo

For two weeks in early March, you can catch avant-garde theatre at several cities in the Alentejo, including Portalegre, Évora and Beja.