Top Choice Food in Bairro Alto, Chiado & Cais do Sodré

Loja das Conservas

What appears to be a gallery is on closer inspection a fascinating temple to tinned fish (or conservas as the Portuguese say) – the result of an industry on its deathbed revived by a savvy marketing about-face and n…
Top Choice Food & Drinks in Aliados & Bolhão

A Pérola Do Bolhão

Founded in 1917, this delightfully old-school deli sports Porto's most striking art nouveau facade and is stacked to the rafters with smoked sausages and pungent mountain cheeses, olives, dried fruits and nuts, wine…
Top Choice Food in Ribeira

Oliva & Co

Everything you ever wanted to know about Portuguese olive oil becomes clear at this experiential store, which maps out the country's six PDO regions producing the extra-virgin stuff. Besides superb oils and olives, …
Top Choice Food in Baixa & Rossio

Manteigaria Silva

Specialising in the best of the best and in business for more than a century, Manteigaria Silva does a brisk trade in staunchly curated Portuguese ham, cheese, wine and bacalhau (dried salt-cod).
Food & Drinks in Príncipe Real, Santos & Estrela

Comida Independente

This sustainably focused market has a lot going for it: free-range, preservative-free charcuterie from the Algarve, Vinhais and elsewhere; a 160-strong wine inventory, 80% of which are natural; organic medronho (Por…
Food in Ribeira

Loja das Conservas

An ode to the humble tinned fish, this store is stacked to the rafters with bold, retro-wrapped cans of tuna, bacalhau and sardines plain and spicy. It stocks popular brands such as Santa Catarina and Viana Pesca, w…
Food & Drinks in Aliados & Bolhão

O Pretinho do Japão

This boutique grocery store is a delightful place to browse an eclectic mix of glacé fruit, gourmet canned fish, granolas, tea and local wine. Furthermore, the wooden drawers behind the counter are filled with aroma…
Food in Aliados & Bolhão

Casa Chinesa

This delightfully old-fashioned emporium is crammed with traditional Portuguese products – sardines, sausages, dried cod and octopus, broa de Avintes (dense corn and rye flatbread), piri-piri chilli peppers by the k…
Food & Drinks in Bairro Alto, Chiado & Cais do Sodré

Mercearia Poço dos Negros

This grocery store mixes corner-shop familiarity with the atmosphere of a gourmet grocery store selling only high-quality Portuguese products, without the inflated price tag. Neighbours shopping for bread and artisa…
Food & Drinks in Lisbon

Mercearia Criativa

There is hardly an empty space inside this cosy grocery store with its red-and-white-striped canopy and baskets of colourful fresh vegetables on the doorstep. In the dim interior, shelves overflow with made-in-Portu…