Serra do Caldeirão attractions

Workshop in Alte & Salir

Fábrica de Brinquedos

The hamlet of Torre's school fell into disuse when there weren't enough children. There wasn't much work around, either, so three local women decided to put the building to use. It's now a heart-warming workshop whe…
Museum in Alte & Salir

Pólo Museológico de Salir

Within the area encompassed by what remains of Salir's ruined castle, this little museum has a glass floor above the 12th-century Moorish foundations. Other local archaeological finds include Neolithic menhirs (stan…
Museum in Querença

Pólo Museológico da Água

On the village square, this small museum has a model of a waterwheel as well as information panels (in Portuguese) on water use. There's also a tourist office here, and it holds the keys to the church opposite. Desp…
Museum in Alte & Salir

Pólo Museológico Cândido Guerreiro e Condes de Alte

This museum–cultural space pays homage to Alte’s famous poet, Cândido Guerreiro, along with the Counts of Alte who once lived here. It displays books and paraphernalia, and also provides tourist information.