Top Choice Museum in São Brás De Alportel

Museu do Traje

This beautifully maintained museum, 300m east of the town square, is a labour of love for the curator and Friends of the Museum. It’s housed in a former cork magnate’s mansion (stunning in itself – note the original…
Church in São Brás De Alportel

Igreja Matriz

You'd be lucky to find this 16th-century church open outside Mass time, but the breezy views of the orange groves and surrounding valleys are worth heading this way for. At Easter the church is the central point of …
Park in São Brás De Alportel

Jardim de Verbena

Below what was once a bishop's palace, this pretty garden is a shady place for a picnic. It's now dominated by the municipal swimming pool.
Museum in São Brás De Alportel

Centro da Calçadinha

This surprisingly large and empty centre has information on an ancient footpath used since Roman times. In winter you might be the day's only visitor.