Cultural in Tomar

Festa dos Tabuleiros

Tomar’s Festa dos Tabuleiros – literally 'Festival of the Trays', also known as Festa do Espírito Santo ('Festival of the Holy Spirit') – is a weeklong celebration with music, drinking, dancing and fireworks. The fe…
Religious in Tomar

Nossa Senhora da Piedade

This important religious festival features a candlelit procession and a parade of floats decorated with paper flowers. It’s held on the first Sunday in September.
Fair in Santarém

Feira Nacional da Agricultura

Promoting agricultural and food products, this is famous nationwide for its merriment, concerts, horse races, bullfights and night-time bull-running. It lasts 10 days in the first half of June and mostly takes place…
Food & Drink in Santarém

Festival Nacional de Gastronomia

Held over a fortnight in October/November at the Casa do Campino, the Festival Nacional de Gastronomia encourages you to eat as much traditional Portuguese fare as you can.
Cultural in Tomar

Festa Templaria Tomar

A fun medieval fair, celebrating the Templars, with lots of costumes, lectures, handicrafts and the like. Held annually on different dates (check the website).