Aliados & Bolhão restaurants

Top Choice Gastronomy in Aliados & Bolhão

Euskalduna Studio

Everyone loves surprises, especially edible ones prepared with flawless execution, experimental finesse and a nod to the seasons. Just 16 lucky diners (eight at the green marble counter peeking into the kitchen, eig…
Top Choice Steak in Aliados & Bolhão


So you came for the steak, right? Wise decision. A welcome newcomer to Porto's food scene, MUU has carved out a name for itself with outstanding cuts of beef. Homemade Scotch eggs and cheese gratins prelude the main…
Top Choice Portuguese in Aliados & Bolhão

Flor dos Congregados

Tucked away down a narrow alley, this softly lit, family-run restaurant brims with stone-walled, wood-beamed, art-slung nooks. The frequently changing blackboard menu goes with the seasons.
Top Choice Portuguese in Aliados & Bolhão

Cafe Santiago

This is hands down one of the best places to try Porto's classic gut-busting treat, the francesinha – a thick, open-faced sandwich piled with cheese, sausage, egg and/or assorted meats, plus a tasty, rich beer sauce…
Cafe in Aliados & Bolhão

Brick Clérigos

If you’re in search of a hipster hangout in Porto, this gourmet sandwich and tapas bar is your haunt. Brick Clérigos is one of the city’s communal dining pioneers, rallying everyone around a big wooden table stacked…
Tapas in Aliados & Bolhão


There’s a good buzz at split-level Tapabento, discreetly tucked behind São Bento train station. Stone walls, bright prints and cheek-by-jowl tables set the scene for outstanding tapas and Douro wines. Sharing is the…
Portuguese in Aliados & Bolhão


Tascö's slick, banquette-lined interior is playfully peppered with personality in the form of a tree-shaped bookcase and a huge blackboard for scrawling messages. Super-friendly staff keep the good vibes and petisco…
Cafe in Aliados & Bolhão

Zenith Brunch & Cocktails

This uber-hip cafe is a sure sign Porto is evolving beyond its paper-tableclothed past to flaunt some cosmopolitan swagger. Tuck into eggs Benedict, smashed avocado and crumbed poached eggs served alongside barista-…
Portuguese in Aliados & Bolhão

All In Porto

Wine-barrel tables, lanterns and funky Porto murals create a hip, laid-back space for sampling a stellar selection of Portuguese wines and nicely prepared petiscos (tapas). These range from flame-grilled chouriço (s…
Fusion in Aliados & Bolhão


How cruel are you? This is what you’ll be asked at this on-trend restaurant, where the menu is graded according to how adventurous your appetite is: ‘fearful', ‘cautious’ or ‘cruel’. The look is slick and urban, and…