Tourist Information in Aliados & Bolhão

City Centre Turismo

The main city turismo has a detailed city map, a transport map and the Agenda do Porto cultural calendar, among other printed materials.
Tourist Information in Porto

iPoint Campanhã

This turismo at the Campanhã train station is staffed in the summer months and has online information panels the rest of the year.
Tourist Information in Vila Nova de Gaia

Turismo (Gaia)

Gaia’s turismo dispenses a good town map and a brochure listing all the lodges open for tours.
Tourist Information in Ribeira

Turismo (Sé)

Handy tourist office right next to the cathedral. Offers a ticket- and hotel-booking service.
Exchange in Aliados & Bolhão


Currency exchange, Western Union services, and phone booths for international calls.
Tourist Information in Ribeira

iPoint Ribeira

Useful turismo-run information point on Praça da Ribeira, open seasonally.
Police in Aliados & Bolhão

Tourist Police

Multilingual station beside the main city turismo.
Internet in Massarelos

Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett

A public library with free internet access.
Post in Aliados & Bolhão

Post Office

Across from the main tourist office.
Hospital in Miragaia

Santo António Hospital

Has English-speaking staff.