Porto has never been one to shy away from a party, and its entertainment scene is upbeat and eclectic. Besides performing arts and classical music, there are live-music haunts homing in on home-grown talent, jazz and fado bars, cultural venues and artsy enclaves. For the top places you’ll need to reserve tickets, but smaller venues often stage gigs for free.


The flashy 52,000-seat Estádio do Dragão is home to heroes-of-the-moment FC Porto. It’s northeast of the centre, just off the VCI ring road.

Boavista FC are FC Porto’s worthy cross-town rivals. Their home turf is the Estádio do Bessa, which lies west of the centre just off Avenida da Boavista (take bus 3 from Praça da Liberdade). Check the local editions of Jornal de Notícias for upcoming matches.