Portalegre attractions

Gallery in Portalegre

Museu da Tapeçaria de Portalegre Guy Fino

If there’s one thing you must visit in Portalegre, it’s this splendid museum. Opened in 2001, it contains brilliant contemporary creations from Portalegre’s unique tapestry factory. It’s named after the factory foun…
Ruins in Portalegre

Museu e Fundação Robinson

For an alternative view of Portugal, take a guided tour through an abandoned cork factory, winding through a warren of rooms where old machinery lies rusting. Founded in 1835 by Englishman Thomas Reynolds, the facto…
Museum in Portalegre

Museu Municipal

The local museum exhibits religious art of the 17th and 18th centuries, including paintings and furniture from the Convento de Santa Clara (now a public library) and Monastero de São Bernardo (now the National Gua…
Cathedral in Portalegre

In 1550 Portalegre became the seat of a new diocese and soon got its own cathedral. The pyramid-pointed, twin-towered 18th-century facade sombrely presides over the whitewashed Praça do Município. The sacristy conta…
Historic Building in Portalegre

Convento de Santa Clara

Yet another of Portalegre’s hidden treasures, this former convent is now part of the municipal library, meaning you can freely wander around at will. It has an impressive cloister and a few azulejo-covered walls. Th…
Church in Portalegre

Mosteiro de São Bernardo

Dating from the 16th century, this striking monastery has some exquisite azulejos and a serene cloister. It’s set inside a GNR (Portugal’s military police) headquarters, but don’t be intimidated. The staff working t…
Museum in Portalegre

Museu José Régio

This small museum in poet José Régio’s former house shows his magpie-like collection of popular religious art, with around 400 Christ figures. There are lots of rustic ceramics from Coimbra, which 18th-century migra…
Notable Building in Portalegre

Manufactura de Tapeçarias de Portalegre

Strikingly vibrant tapestries are still made at this factory (its walls are also adorned with fabulous examples). Photography is prohibited and advance reservations are required.
Castle in Portalegre


Portalegre’s castle, off Rua do Carmo, dates from the time of Dom Dinis. There is a temporary exhibition gallery on the 1st floor. Unfortunately, the towers are no longer accessible.