Top ChoicePortuguese in Ponte de Lima

A Carvalheira

For superb food and an excellent wine list, head for this charming stone-walled restaurant in pretty countryside 5km southeast of town. Order ahead if you want the regional favourite – arroz de sarrabulho (stewed...

Top ChoiceLandmark in Ponte de Lima

Ponte Medieval

The city’s pièce de résistance, this elegant 31-arched bridge across the Rio Lima is now limited to foot traffic. Most of it dates from the 14th century, though the segment on the north bank by the village of...

Museum in Ponte de Lima

Museu do Brinquedo Português

In a gorgeous red mansion right after the Roman bridge in Arcozelo is this museum dedicated to Portuguese toys. The focus is on toys made from the late 19th century through to 1986. Displays in different rooms...

Chapel in Ponte de Lima

Capela de Santo Ovídio

For panoramic views up and down the Lima valley, climb 6km into the hills northwest of Ponte de Lima to this tiny, bizarre chapel dedicated to Santo Ovídio, patron saint of ears. Yes, you read that right. The...

Gardens in Ponte de Lima

Parque Temático do Arnado

West of the river, this small, intriguing green space with rose bushes and lemon-filled trellises next to a public swimming pool is notable for its annual Festival Internacional de Jardins, a competition in which...

Portuguese in Ponte de Lima


A great option right on the riverfront in Arcozelo, a short walk from town, this boat-themed upstairs restaurant clad in wood serves tasty posta à Açude (veal steak) and great lagareiro octopus (with potatoes,...

Wine Bar in Ponte de Lima

Arte e Baco

This black-floored, chalkboard-walled lounge features rotating art exhibitions, the finest wine from the Minho (mostly vinho verde) and Douro, fine cigars, better port and occasional live music.

Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Festival Internacional de Jardins

In this annual competition, a dozen artists create temporary gardens built around a theme. The winning garden is chosen in October and remains rooted for the year.

Bar in Ponte de Lima

Chusso Bar

Beloved for its prime people-watching terrace, perched above bustling Rua Formosa, this former umbrella factory also hosts occasional live music.

Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Vaca das Cordas & Corpus Christi

The ninth Friday after Easter is the date for a tradition that probably dates back at least to Roman times and possibly has Phoenician origins. It features a kind of bull-running in which young men goad a hapless...

Tower in Ponte de Lima

Torre de São Paulo

Along with the Torre da Cadeia Velha, this tower constitutes the only standing remains of Ponte de Lima's medieval walls. Note the somewhat bizarre azulejo (hand-painted-tile) image on its front wall, entitled...

Museum in Ponte de Lima

Museu dos Terceiros

Downriver from Ponte de Lima's famous bridge, the 18th-century Igreja de São Francisco dos Terceiros houses a variety of ecclesiastical and folk treasures, but the highlight is the church itself, with its gilded...

Nature Reserve in Ponte de Lima

Lagoas de Bertiandos e São Pedro de Arcos

This 350-hectare nature reserve is set in a wildlife-rich humid zone just north of the Rio Lima. There’s a wildlife interpretative centre and eight hiking trails, ranging from an easy lakeside loop (1.6km) to a...

Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Feiras Novas

Held here since 1125, this is one of Portugal’s oldest ongoing events. Stretching over a long weekend in early September, it centres on the riverfront, with a massive market and fair, and features folk dances,...

Portuguese in Ponte de Lima

A Tulha

All dark wood, stone and terracotta tiles inside, this restaurant serves grilled meat and fish dishes – including the house speciality, arroz de bacalhau (codfish rice) – with plenty of vegetables. While food...

Tower in Ponte de Lima

Torre da Cadeia Velha

Two crenellated towers (part of the fortifications made in the 14th century) face the river at the end of Rua Cardeal Saraiva. The Torre da Cadeia Velha now houses temporary art exhibitions and the turismo, plus...

Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Feira do Cavalo

Held annually over a long weekend in late June or early July, this four-day horse fair is one of the town’s most raucous festivals, when the Expo Lima (the riverside fairground) becomes a race track and stage for...

Portuguese in Ponte de Lima

Manuel Padeiro

The speciality at this simple local tavern with a 60-year tradition is arroz de sarrabulho (stewed rice with pork and pork blood). Other dishes are well prepared too, including the daily weekday lunch specials,...

Portuguese in Ponte de Lima

Sabores do Lima

A few steps from the river, the inviting Sabores do Lima has exposed stone walls that give a dash of style to its open dining room. The first-rate cooking features grilled meats, cod dishes and assorted seafood...

Theatre in Ponte de Lima

Teatro Diogo Bernardes

Behind the Museu dos Terceiros, the galleried Teatro Diogo Bernardes, built in 1893, is the pride of the town, with interesting music and theatre performances throughout the year.