Ponte de Lima


Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Festival Internacional de Jardins

In this annual competition, a dozen artists create temporary gardens built around a theme. The winning garden is chosen in October and remains rooted for the year.

Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Vaca das Cordas & Corpus Christi

The ninth Friday after Easter is the date for a tradition that probably dates back at least to Roman times and possibly has Phoenician origins. It features a kind of bull-running in which young men goad a hapless...

Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Feiras Novas

Held here since 1125, this is one of Portugal’s oldest ongoing events. Stretching over a long weekend in early September, it centres on the riverfront, with a massive market and fair, and features folk dances,...

Cultural in Ponte de Lima

Feira do Cavalo

Held annually over a long weekend in late June or early July, this four-day horse fair is one of the town’s most raucous festivals, when the Expo Lima (the riverside fairground) becomes a race track and stage for...