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Fisgas de Ermelo

Just north of the town of Ermelo, on the N304 between Vila Real and Mondim de Basto, is a turn-off to the dramatic Fisgas de Ermelo waterfalls. From this junction, the road climbs 4km to an overlook with...

Village in Parque Natural do Alvão


The 800-year-old village of Ermelo is famous for its schist cottages capped with fairy-tale slate roofs that seem to have been constructed from broken blackboards. Once the main village of the region, it boasts...

Portuguese in Parque Natural do Alvão

Tasquinha d'Alice

In Bobal, halfway between Lamas de Ôlo and Mondim de Basto, Tasquinha d'Alice is recommended for its all-day snacks, such as great alheira (a light, garlicky sausage of poultry or game) as well as salpicão (small...

Village in Parque Natural do Alvão

Lamas de Ôlo

Set in a wide, verdant valley some 1000m above sea level, somnolent Lamas de Ôlo is the park’s highest village, best known for its photogenic thatched roofs, as well as a nearby mill that was long driven by water...

Portuguese in Parque Natural do Alvão

Sabores do Alvão

This simple family-run restaurant near the church in the heart of Ermelo village has nice valley views and hearty staples such as spare ribs cooked in wine and garlic, served with rice.