Museum in Monsaraz

Museu do Fresco

Housed inside a fine Gothic building beside the parish church, this museum houses a rare example of a 14th-century secular fresco. The striking work depicts a good judge (with angels perched behind his shoulder) and…
Church in Monsaraz

Igreja Matriz

The parish church, near the turismo, was rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake and again a century later. Inside (if you can get in, hours can be vague) is an impressive nave and a 14th-century marble tomb carved with 1…
Castle in Monsaraz


The weather-beaten castle at the southwestern end of the village was one in the chain of Dom Dinis’ defensive fortresses along the Spanish border. It’s now converted into a small bullring, and its ramparts offer a f…
Archaeological Site in Monsaraz

Menhir do Outeiro

Situated 3km north of Monsaraz is the granite, 5.6m-tall Menhir do Outeiro, one of the tallest megalithic monuments ever discovered.