Observatory in Monsaraz

Observatório do Lago Alqueva

Offers two-hour open-air sessions taking in the marvellous star-filled skies of the Alentejo. You'll get an overview of constellations visible with the naked eye, then use telescopes to view some of the planets...

Museum in Monsaraz

Museu do Fresco

Housed inside a fine Gothic building beside the parish church, this museum includes a rare example of a 14th-century secular fresco. The striking work depicts a good judge (with angels perched behind his...

Beach in Monsaraz

Praia Fluvial de Monsaraz

When you need a break from the heat, head down to this beach on the edge of Alqueva Lake. You can go for a swim (there are lifeguards in summer), hire kayaks and other gear from the Centro Naútico or grab a drink...

Church in Monsaraz

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Lagoa

The parish church, near the turismo, was rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake and again a century later. Inside is an impressive nave and a 14th-century marble tomb carved with 14 saints. An 18th-century pelourinho...

Castle in Monsaraz


The weather-beaten castle at the southwestern end of the village was one in the chain of Dom Dinis’ defensive fortresses along the Spanish border. It’s now converted into a small bullring, and its ramparts offer...

Archaeological Site in Monsaraz

Menhir do Outeiro

Situated 6km north of Monsaraz is the granite, 5.6m-tall Menhir do Outeiro, one of the tallest megalithic monuments ever discovered.

Museum in Monsaraz

Casa da Inquisação

Near the castle, this small two-storey museum touches on the Jewish presence in Monsaraz during the Middle Ages and the persecutions that unfolded after the establishment of the Inquisition in the 16th century.

Church in Monsaraz

Igreja da Misericórdia

Opposite the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Lagoa, this 16th-century church was once part of the Hospital do Espírito Santo complex.