Museum in Miranda do Douro

Museu da Terra de Miranda

This modest but attractive museum sheds light on a unique culture that has preserved age-old traditions into the 21st century. The handsome 17th-century building (formerly Miranda’s city hall) houses a fascinating c…
Landmark in Miranda do Douro

Barragem de Miranda

A road crawls across this 80m-high dam about 1km east of town, and on to Zamora, 55km away in Spain. Even dammed, the gorge is dramatic. You can take a one-hour boat trip through the gorge with Europarques.
Area in Miranda do Douro

Old Town

The backstreets in the old town hide some dignified 15th-century facades on Rua da Costanilha (which runs west off Praça de Dom João III) and a Gothic gate at the end of it.
Cathedral in Miranda do Douro

Inside the right transept of this handsomely severe 16th-century cathedral, look for the doll-like Menino Jesus da Cartolinha, a Christ child in a becoming top hat whose wardrobe rivals Imelda Marcos’, thanks to def…