Portuguese in Mértola

Café-Restaurante Alentejo

This attractive place in Moreanes, 10km from Mértola on the way to São Domingos, is almost a museum thanks to its antique exhibits (including the local clients themselves!). It serves great-value, hearty helpings of…
Portuguese in Mértola


This welcoming two-room restaurant serves up excellent traditional plates, all made with care. Grilled pork ribs, fried squid with garlic, and fava beans with pork, along with game meat (wild boar, rabbit venison) a…
Tapas in Mértola

Casa Amarela

This place makes a great spot for inventive Portuguese fare. Outdoor tables on the verandah have magnificent views of Mértola – all of it, since this place is located across the river in Além Rio. There’s typically …
Portuguese in Mértola

O Brasileiro

Set on a hill above Mértola, this pleasant spot serves great quality traditional cuisine. Known for its game dishes, including javali (wild pig) and migas (meat and bread stew) dishes.
Portuguese in Mértola

Restaurante Alengarve

Run by the same family for over 40 years, this place is well loved by locals and extremely consistent for its home-style Alentejan dishes. There’s outdoor seating on the front patio.
Bakery in Mértola


Follow the scent of fresh-baked bread down to this simple bakery, where you can get rolls and other essentials.