Top choice asian in Bairro Alto, Chiado & Cais do Sodré

The food at this trendy spot will transport you to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam, but the ceramic swallows draped across the exposed brick archway (the most famous artwork of Rafael Bordalo, the artist for which the beautiful Chiado plaza is named) are undeniably Portuguese.

American, Belgian and Dutch owners have brought a sorely needed laundry list of traditional (no fusion!) Asian dishes to Lisbon with raging success. Dishes from the Malaysian curry soup to the steamed sea bass with lime, chilli, garlic and bok choy to the lemongrass and basil crème brûlée are revelations in a city where finding a decent stir-fry is a tear-your-hair-out exercise in frustration. Throw in some of the city's best craft cocktails (from €8.50) and you've got yourself an evening.