Avenida SushiCafé

Japanese in Marquês de Pombal & Around

Don't let the flagship location of what is essentially a mall-food-court sushi chain fool you: Chef Daniel Rente creates some surprisingly and seriously good Japanese fusion here.

Among the fantastic offerings are Himalayan salt rock sashimi (chutoro with onion confit, kimchi wasabi and passionfruit on a slab of rock salt); tuna foie (tuna roll with foie gras and caramelised red onions); mille-feuilles tuna tartar (in crunchy parchment bread with kimchi); and hammachi sashimi (Australian yellowtail, wakame, marsh samphire, pesto vinaigrette and black salt). And don't skip the kabotcha cheesecake (with pumpkin jam, cinnamon and caramelised pumpkin seeds). Sugoi!