Fort in Lagos

Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira

This petite fortress at the southern end of the avenue was built in the 17th century to protect the port. Now restored, it houses an exhibition on the Portuguese discoveries and a quaint chapel dedicated to Santa Ba…
Church in Lagos

Igreja de Santa Maria

The pleasingly symmetrical Igreja de Santa Maria was built during the 15th and 16th centuries and retains a 16th-century entrance; the rest of the remaining structure dates largely from the mid-19th century, when it…
Museum in Lagos

Museu Municipal

Lagos' town museum, an old-fashioned but lovably curious collection, holds a bit of everything: swords and pistols, landscapes and portraits, minerals and crystals, coins, china, miniature furniture, Roman mosaics, …
Viewpoint in Lagos

Ponta da Piedade

Protruding south from Lagos, Ponta da Piedade is a dramatic wedge of headland. Three windswept kilometres out of town, the point is well worth visiting for its contorted, polychrome sandstone cliffs and towers, comp…
Church in Lagos

Igreja de Santo António

This little church, bursting with gilded, carved wood, is a stupendous baroque extravaganza. Beaming cherubs and ripening grapes are much in evidence. The dome and azulejo (hand-painted tile) panels were installed d…
Zoo in Lagos

Parque Zoológico de Lagos

This zoo is a shady 3-hectare kid-pleaser, with many small primates and a children’s farm housing domestic animals. It’s near the village of Barão de São João, 8km west of Lagos.
Castle in Lagos

Castelo dos Governadores

Built by the Moors, Lagos' castle was conquered by Christian forces in the 13th century. It's said that the ill-fated, evangelical Dom Sebastião attended an open-air Mass here and spoke to the assembled nobility fro…
Street in Lagos

Rua da Barroca

Rua da Barroca once formed the boundary between the town and the sea and retains some Moorish features.
Statue in Lagos

Statue of Prince Henry the Navigator

This statue commemorates the prince of Portugal who used Lagos as a launch pad for many of the expeditions he commissioned.
Gate in Lagos

Lançarote Gate

This archway offers southern access to the walled old town.