Seafood in Guarda

Restaurante O Caçador

Despite its name (The Hunter), this popular restaurant is the place for seafood in Guarda. Locals flock to its glass-fronted dining room to feast on evergreen crowd-pleasers such as grilled squid and sea bass...

Old Town in Guarda

Old Town

A handsome quarter of cobblestone lanes and huddled houses, Guarda's hilltop centre fans out from Praça Luís de Camões. This sloping square is flanked by 16th- to 18th-century mansions and the town's dramatic...

Cathedral in Guarda

Powerful in its sobriety, this grey Gothic edifice looms heavily over the central square. The earliest parts of the cathedral date from 1390 but it's dotted with Manueline and Renaissance ornamentation. The most...

Museum in Guarda

Museu da Guarda

Housed in the severe 17th-century Episcopal Seminary, Guarda's main museum showcases an eclectic collection of archaeological finds, artworks and early books. Exhibits range from prehistoric flints to illustrated...

Portuguese in Guarda

Restaurante Belo Horizonte

A cut above most of Guarda's midrange restaurants, Belo Horizonte has long been a local favourite. It does a great line in regional specialities such as cabrito grelhado (grilled kid) and morcelas da Guarda...

Theatre in Guarda

Teatro Municipal da Guarda

Guarda’s shiny theatre complex, a boxy modern building of greyish-green glass just south of the historic centre, regularly hosts high-quality theatre, dance and music, including frequent international acts.

Portuguese in Guarda

Restaurante A Floresta

This snug family-run place is a reliable bet for huge helpings of hearty regional cuisine. That means heaving plates of grilled meats and sausages served with the ubiquitous combo of rice, salad and chips.

Cafe in Guarda

O Bule

If you fancy a coffee and a piece of cake, search out this cosy cafe near the cathedral. Here you can try some finger-licking local pastries, including delicious queijadas (sheep’s milk tarts).

Gifts & Souvenirs in Guarda

Quintas de Seia

This central shop stocks the full range of local mountain specialities, from rounds of tangy Serra de Estrela cheese to cured sausages, woolly slippers, leather belts and cherry liqueurs.

Bar in Guarda

Praça Velha

Hidden away in a tiny corner behind Praça Luís de Camões, this laid-back little bar is a fine spot for an evening drink, perhaps at one of the tables outside on the cobbled street.

Tower in Guarda

Torre de Menagem

This 14th-century tower, originally the keep of Guarda's castle, stands on the highest point in town. You can't go into the tower but even from the base there are sweeping views over the city's rooftops and down...

Tower in Guarda

Torre dos Ferreiros

A local landmark, this robust rectangular tower is one of the most visible features of the town's medieval defences. It was originally built to protect a gateway known as the Porta dos Ferreiros. It's closed to...

Gate in Guarda

Porta d'El Rei

This arched gateway framed one of the original portals in Guarda's vast defensive walls. It connected the town with routes to Covilhã and Celorico, from where the Estrada da Beira, one of Portugal's main medieval...

Gallery in Guarda

Paço da Cultura

Adjacent to the Museu da Guarda, the Paço da Cultura stages temporary exhibitions in a suite of rooms off an 18th-century courtyard.

Gate in Guarda

Porta da Erva

One of several city gates, the Porta da Erva was constructed in the 13th century. It was originally known as the Estrela Gate.