• Newspapers Main newspapers include Diário de Noticias, Público, Jornal de Noticias and the tabloid best-seller Correio da Manhã. English-language newspapers include the long-running daily, the Portugal News (, and the weekly Algarve Resident (
  • Radio Portugal’s national radio stations include state-owned Rádiodifusão Portuguesa (RDP), which runs the stations Antena 1, 2 and 3 and plays Portuguese broadcasts and evening music (Lisbon frequencies are 95.7, 94.4 and 100.3). For English-language radio there is the BBC World Service (Lisbon 90.2) and Voice of America (VOA), or a few Algarve-based stations, such as Kiss (95.8 and 101.2).
  • Television TV channels in Portugal include Rádio Televisão Portuguesa (RTP-1 and RTP-2), Sociedade Independente (SIC) and TV Independente (TV1), with RTP-2 providing the best selection of foreign films and world-news coverage. Other stations fill the airwaves with a mix of Portuguese and Brazilian soaps, game shows and dubbed or subtitled foreign films.
  • Video system Portugal uses the PAL video system, incompatible with both the French SECAM system and the North American NTSC system.