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Museum in Gouveia

Museu Municipal de Arte Moderna Abel Manta

This fascinating little museum pays homage to Abel Manta, a (controversial) 20th-century Portuguese modernist painter, who was born in Gouveia. Around 23 of his works are on display, along with other works by well-k…
Portuguese in Gouveia

Restaurante O Júlio

Tucked away in a narrow downtown street, this place is popular for its regional cuisine. Local character Senhor Júlio holds the fort while the rest bustle around him. House specialities include cabrito à serrana (mo…
Museum in Gouveia

Museu da Miniatura Automóvel

Here's the deal: revheads (big kids and small) and keen collectors will love this, others might think 'meh'. Over 3000 miniature vehicles are on display behind glass. Race in. Or steer clear.