Top things to do

Christian Site in Fátima

Santuário de Fátima

It's difficult to believe that a century ago, this was rocky pastureland outside an insignificant village. This vast complex is now one of Catholicism's major shrines; the focus of enormous devotion and pilgrimage. …
Portuguese in Fátima

O Crispim

It's worth seeking this place out for an atmosphere full of good cheer without any ostentatious piety. It's a comfortably rustic sort of place serving house wine in wooden tankards and whose speciality is grilled me…
Museum in Fátima

Museu de Arte Sacra e Etnologia

The most interesting of Fátima's several religious exhibitions and museums, this has a wide display of religious art and artefacts from around the world. The suggested entry donation is €4.80 for adults.
Cave in Fátima

Grutas da Moeda

These underground caves, located 2km northwest of Fátima, are part of the surrounding limestone massif. They were discovered in 1971 when two hunters chased a fox that disappeared into a hole. Visitors can enter the…
Museum in Fátima

Museu Vida de Cristo

This is one of the more expensive museums in Portugal; 33 scenes from the life of Christ are represented in life-size wax figures, and you weave your way through a 'tunnel' to view the story. Definitely for those wh…
Museum in Fátima

Museu de Cera de Fátima

It's not exactly Madame Tussauds, but this private museum gives a blow-by-blow, starry-eyed and rather static account of the story of Fátima and the associated miracle.