Top Choice Cathedral in Faro

The centrepiece of the Cidade Velha, the sé was completed in 1251 but heavily damaged in the 1755 earthquake. What you see now is a variety of Renaissance, Gothic and baroque features. Climb the tower for lovely vie…
Top Choice Church in Faro

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo & Capela dos Ossos

This twin-towered baroque church was completed in 1719 under João V. The spectacular facade was completed after the 1755 earthquake. Brazilian gold paid for it, and the interior is gilded to the extreme. The numerou…
Museum in Faro

Museu Municipal

Faro’s domed 16th-century Renaissance Convento de Nossa Senhora da Assunção, in what was once the Jewish quarter, houses the Museu Municipal. Highlights include the 3rd-century Mosaic of the Ocean, found in 1976; 9t…
Museum in Faro

Museu Regional do Algarve

Three of the four halls at this worthwhile museum house exhibitions on rural life in the Algarve. This includes mock-ups of 19th-century shops and rooms, a real fishing boat, some impressively woven creations in wic…
Cemetery in Faro

Faro Jewish Heritage Centre

The last vestiges of the first post-Inquisition Jewish presence in Portugal are found at the extraordinary Jewish cemetery here, which has 76 beautiful marble gravestones. The small site also has a tiny museum and r…
Landmark in Faro

Arco da Vila

Enter the Cidade Velha through the neoclassical Arco da Vila, built by order of Bishop Francisco Gomes (Faro's answer to the Marquês de Pombal), who oversaw the city's reconstruction after the 1755 earthquake. The t…
Landmark in Faro

Arco de Repouso

You can leave the Cidade Velha through the medieval Arco de Repouso (Gate of Rest). Apparently Afonso III, after taking Faro from the Moors, put his feet up and heard Mass nearby. Around the gateway are some of the …
Church in Faro

Igreja de São Francisco

Features a blinding white facade, dazzling woodwork and a frenzied 18th-century baroque interior with tiles depicting the life of St Francis. Part of the monastery now houses the Algarve's tourism and hospitality sc…
Church in Faro

Igreja de São Pedro

This tri-nave 16th-century church can be found at the southern end of Largo do Carmo. The plain exterior hides an interesting interior of 18th-century azulejos (hand-painted tiles) and fine-carved woodwork.
Gallery in Faro

Galeria Trem

This attractively converted building houses temporary exhibitions by known local and international artists – painters, photographers, installation artists and sculptors. It’s worth popping by to see what’s on.