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Constância is easily reached by buses from Tomar (€2.90, 40 minutes). Rodoviária do Tejo ( runs four buses on weekdays to Tancos (€2.10, 20 minutes, 7.20am, 10.40am, 2.15pm and 5.50pm) from a bus stop near the town Gal petrol station, but the nearest bus stop along the route is still about a 2.5km walk to the boat landing. You are better off in a taxi from Praça Alexandre Herculano (€10 to €15).

Car & Motorcycle

If driving your own vehicle, exit the A23/IP6 at Constância and follow signs to the castle.


To visit the castle only, take a local train (changing at Entroncamento) from Tomar (€3.30, 40 minutes) or Santarém (€4.10, 35 minutes, limited direct services) to tiny Almourol station, then walk 1km downhill to the ferry landing. The train station nearest Constância – known as Praia do Ribatejo – is 2km outside town, so the bus is a better option if you’re only visiting Constância.