Castelo Branco restaurants

Sandwiches in Castelo Branco

Boutique Do Presunto

One of several popular spots lined up on the central plaza, this is something of a hybrid cafe-slash-fast food place specialising in regional ham (presunto) and cheese (queijo). It's all very casual with seating squ…
Portuguese in Castelo Branco

Retiro do Caçador

The clue's in the name – Hunter's Retreat – and the mounted boar's heads on the stone wall. This small, and much frequented rustic restaurant, is all about the joys of meat, everything from deer stew to javali (wild…
Portuguese in Castelo Branco

O Pinguim

Friendly, fast and efficient, this is the sort of place you'd join the locals for simple, 'home-cooked' fare with the TV on in the corner. The menu holds few surprises but everything is fresh – the fish dishes are e…