Top things to do in Bragança

Fortress in Bragança


Climb uphill from Largo de São Vicente and you’ll soon set foot inside the astonishingly well-preserved 12th-century citadel. People still live in its narrow, atmospheric lanes, unspoilt by the few, low-key handicra…
Museum in Bragança

Museu do Abade de Baçal

Set in a restored 18th-century bishop’s palace, this is one of Portugal’s best regional museums. Its diverse collections include local artefacts from the Celtic and Roman eras, along with objects, paintings and phot…
Museum in Bragança

Museu Ibérico da Máscara e do Traje

This visually appealing little museum displays a colourful and fascinating collection of masks and costumes from the ancient pagan-based solstice and Carnaval festivities celebrated in Trás-os-Montes and neighbourin…
Portuguese in Bragança

O Geadas

The unassuming roadside exterior can be deceptive: the food is stellar at this traditional restaurant with a spacious dining room. It has a long-standing tradition of hospitality and great service, with award-winnin…
Portuguese in Bragança

Solar Bragançano

Upstairs in a manor house opposite the cathedral square, this elegant eatery boasts oak-panelled rooms, chandeliers, wide plank floors, a leafy and sun-dappled outdoor terrace, and a seasonal menu weighted towards l…
Fair in Bragança

Feira das Cantarinhas

Bragança’s biggest annual market, Feira das Cantarinhas, runs for three days in early May. It’s a huge street fair of traditional handicrafts (a cantarinha is a small terracotta pitcher) held around the centre and P…
Performing Arts in Bragança

Teatro Municipal

The boxy Teatro Municipal hosts high-quality music, theatre and dance shows, plus afternoon performances for children. There’s a multiscreen cinema next door.
Notable Building in Bragança

Domus Municipalis

Squatting at the rear of the Cidadela is an odd pentagonal building known as the Domus Municipalis, the oldest town hall in Portugal (although its precise age is a matter of scholarly disagreement) and one of the fe…
Museum in Bragança

Museu Militar

The stout Torre de Menagem now houses this lacklustre museum, but the price of admission is well worth the chance to climb storey after storey and take in its rooms and halls. The military artefacts themselves bring…
Cathedral in Bragança

Bragança’s modest old cathedral started out in 1545 as the Igreja de São João Baptista, but moved up the ranks to become a cathedral in 1770 when the bishopric moved here from Miranda do Douro. It was then downgrade…