Bragança in detail

Flights & getting there


Bragança’s spiffy modern bus station, housed in the former train depot at the top of Avenida João da Cruz, is served by Rede Expressos and Rodonorte. Station offices tend to be open only at departure times.

Buses from Bragança

DestinationCost (€)Time (hr)CompanyFrequency
Lisbon22.807Rodonorte & Rede Expressos3 times a week
Porto14.303Rodonorte & Rede Expressosdaily
Trancoso10.902Rede Expressosdaily
Vila Nova de Foz Côa8.50Rede Expressosdaily
Vila Real10.50Rodonorte & Rede Expressosdaily
Viseu14.70Rodonorte & Rede Expressosdaily

Car & Motorcycle

Parking is generally not difficult. There are lots of paid spots in the square just south of the , with free overnight parking for motor homes in the lot just east of the Cidadela.