Museum in Braga

Centro Interpretativo das Memórias da Misericórdia de Braga

Braga's newest museum is housed inside Palácio do Raio, the extroverted work by André Soares, its rococo face covered in azulejos. The gorgeous interiors, also filled with azulejos, showcase works of sacred art, tex…
Gardens in Braga

Jardim de Santa Bárbara

This 17th-century square has narrow paths picking their way through a sea of flowers and topiary. On sunny days the adjacent pedestrianised Rua Justino Cruz and Rua Francisco Sanches fill with buskers and cafe table…
Square in Braga

Praça da República

The cafes and restaurants on this broad plaza are a pleasant place to start or finish your day. An especially mellow atmosphere descends in the evening, when coloured lights spring up and people of all ages congrega…
Cathedral in Braga

Braga’s extraordinary cathedral, the oldest in Portugal, was begun when the archdiocese was restored in 1070 and completed in the following century. It’s a rambling complex made up of differing styles, and architect…
Museum in Braga

Museu Dom Diogo de Sousa

The archaeological museum houses a nicely displayed collection of fragments from Braga’s earliest days. The four rooms feature pieces from Palaeolithic times (arrowheads, funerary objects and ceramics) through the d…
Ruins in Braga

Termas Romanas do Alto Cividade

These ruins of an extensive bathing complex – with an attached theatre – dating from the 2nd century AD, were probably abandoned in the 5th century. See the seven-minute introductory video in English or Portuguese.
Ruins in Braga

Fonte do Ídolo

A Roman ruin opened to the public, this spring is set underneath a mod lobby. An essential community water source, it was carved into a fountain during pre-Roman times by Celicus Fronto, an immigrant from the city-s…
Museum in Braga

Museu dos Biscainhos

An 18th-century aristocrat’s palace is home to the enthusiastic municipal museum, with a nice collection of Roman relics and 17th- to 19th-century pottery and furnishings. The palace itself is the reason to come, wi…
Museum in Braga

Museu da Imagem

A minimalist, ancient and beautiful stone relic, outfitted tastefully with steel and wood stairs, this museum shows off impeccably lit, international photography exhibits on three floors.
Church in Braga

Sé Cathedral Choir

The guided tour of the choir inside the Sé (cathedral) gives an up-close look at the mesmerising organs and gilded choir stalls. Visitors are led downstairs and into the cathedral’s showpiece Capela dos Reis (Kings’…