Top Choice Vegetarian in Beja

Sabores do Campo

If you’re a vegetarian, or simply need a break from pork and codfish, this cheerful cafeteria-style eatery will come as a godsend. Fresh fruit (papaya, mango, strawberries), stuffed mushrooms, oven-baked enchiladas,…
International in Beja

Vovó Joaquina

Modern meets traditional in this delightfully quirky place where old photos, chandeliers, marble-topped bales and a piano are the backdrops. It serves up a reasonable selection of pasta, French dishes and local favo…
Tapas in Beja

Taberna do Arrufa

This eating and drinking den has some of the best atmosphere for miles around – a mix of old-fashioned charm and bohemian style, though it’s located 20km north of Beja. Sharing plates are the name of the game, with …
Cafe in Beja

Luiz da Rocha

Founded in 1893, this is one of Beja’s oldest cafes and best-known institutions. It gathers a chatty neighbourhood crowd day and night and is justly famous for its cakes: trouxas de ovos (literally ‘sweet egg yolks’…
Pastries in Beja

Salão de Chá Maltesinhas

It looks like a smart pastelaria, but there’s an important difference: it’s known for its delicious regional doces conventuais (desserts traditionally made by nuns). Try the pasteis de toucinho, a delicious thin pas…
Cafe in Beja


This hip little spot whips up delicious desserts – think chocolate tort drizzled with caramel, vegan banana cake and strawberry tart. Indie rock plays softly in the background, there’s art on the walls and the kind-…
Portuguese in Beja

A Pipa

This rustic eatery has a wood-beamed ceiling, bright blue wooden chairs, checked tablecloths and serves excellent daily dishes. The meat – such as febras de porco (pork steaks) and lombinhos de porco preto – is deli…
Portuguese in Beja

Adega Típica 25 Abril

Packed to the basket-lined rafters with locals, this cavernous, rustic adega serves typical food, with good daily specials.
Portuguese in Beja

Restaurante Alentejano

This lively local eatery is a good bet for filling Alentejan plates of roasted pork or cod dishes. Its plain exterior hides a dapper but relaxed interior with tiled walls and a TV showing the game. Popular among the…