Beja restaurants

Vegetarian in Beja

Sabores do Campo

If you’re a vegetarian, or simply need a break from pork and codfish, this cheerful cafeteria-style eatery will come as a godsend. Fresh fruit (papaya, mango, strawberries), stuffed mushrooms, oven-baked enchiladas,…
Portuguese in Beja

Pulo do Lobo

A short walk south of the historic centre, buzzing Pulo do Lobo is extremely popular with locals. They come from across the city for mouthwateringly fresh seafood and some of Beja's best porco preto (black-pork) dis…
Tapas in Beja

Taberna do Arrufa

Located 20km north of Beja, this eating and drinking den blends old-fashioned charm with bohemian style. Sharing plates are the name of the game, with Serpa cheese, roasted pork cheeks, grilled octopus, steaming pot…
Cafe in Beja

Luiz da Rocha

Founded in 1893, this is one of Beja’s oldest cafes and best-known institutions. It gathers a chatty neighbourhood crowd day and night and is justly famous for its cakes: trouxas de ovos (literally ‘sweet egg yolks’…
Cafe in Beja


This charming little spot whips up soups and rissois (meat or veg-filled croquettes), but it's the desserts that warrant the trip – think chocolate tort drizzled with caramel, vegan banana cake and strawberry tart. …
Pastries in Beja

Casa de Chá Maltesinhas

It looks like a smart pastelaria, but there’s an important difference: it’s known for its delicious regional doces conventuais (desserts traditionally made by nuns). Try the pastéis de toucinho, a delicious thin pas…
Portuguese in Beja

Os Infantes

Inside this cavernous space, you can dine on updated versions of classical Alentejan recipes as well as creative dishes with international accents. Salad with grapes, Azorean cheese and walnuts, codfish with cream a…
Portuguese in Beja

A Pipa

This rustic eatery has a wood-beamed ceiling, bright-blue wooden chairs, checked tablecloths and serves excellent daily dishes. The meat – such as febras de porco (pork steaks) and lombinhos de porco preto (black-po…
Portuguese in Beja

Adega Típica 25 Abril

Packed to the basket-lined rafters with locals, this cavernous, rustic adega (wine tavern) serves typical food, with good daily specials.
Portuguese in Beja

Restaurante Alentejano

This lively local eatery is a good bet for filling Alentejan plates of roasted pork or cod dishes. Its plain exterior hides a dapper but relaxed interior with tiled walls and a TV showing the game. Popular among the…