Religious in Coimbra

Festa da Rainha Santa

Held around 4 July in even-numbered years, this festival commemorates Santa Isabel. A Thursday-night candlelit procession carries her statue from the Convento de Santa Clara-a-Nova across the Ponte de Santa Clara to…
Fiesta in Aveiro

Festa da Ria

Aveiro celebrates its canals and moliceiros (traditional seaweed-harvesting boats) in late August. Highlights include folk dancing and a moliceiros race, plus competitions for the best moliceiro murals.
Art in Coimbra

Festival das Artes

This two-week festival in June or July brings classical music to the Quinta das Lágrimas, jazz to the riverboats, guest chefs to local restaurants and other forms of merriment to Coimbra’s streets.
Fiesta in Coimbra

Queima das Fitas

Coimbra’s biggest bash is Queima das Fitas, a boozy week of fado and revelry that takes place during the first week in May when students celebrate the end of the academic year.
Fiesta in Aveiro

Feira de Março

Held from 25 March to 25 April, this festival dates back five and a half centuries. Nowadays it features everything from folk music to rock concerts.
Fiesta in Figueira da Foz

Festas da Cidade

The town festival carries on for two weeks encompassing the 23rd and 24th June, with folk music, parades and concerts.
Fiesta in Aveiro

Festas do Município

Aveiro sees two weeks of merrymaking around 12 May in honour of Aveiro's patron saint, Santa Joana.