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Few long-distance buses terminate here – there isn’t even a bus station. Catch buses at the stop on Rua Clube dos Galitos; many also stop at the train station.

Rede Expresso has five to six daily services to/from Lisbon (€16, three to four hours), Coimbra (€6, 45 minutes) and Figueira da Foz (€8.30, 1¼ hours).

Transdev run a slower but cheaper coastal service to Figueira da Foz via some intermediate beaches. Other services run to Viseu (€8.30, one hour) and on to Guarda and Castelo Branco.


Trains run from the modern station, which has superseded the beautiful old tiled one alongside. Aveiro is within Porto’s urbano network, which means there are commuter trains there at least every half hour (€3.40, one hour); much pricier IC/AP links (€11.70/14.20, 30 to 40 minutes) are only slightly faster. There are also at least hourly links to Coimbra (regional/intercity/AP €5.25/11.70/14.20, 30 to 60 minutes) and several daily IC (€21.45, 2½ hours) and AP (€27.55, two hours) trains to Lisbon.