Wizard for a Day: Harry Potter Private Tour

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Tour description

Potterheads rejoice and welcome to the magical city of Porto! Be a wizard for a day and discover how Porto became a source of inspiration for J.K. Rowling when she created ‘the boy who lived’. Spot magical places, cast some spells along the way & enjoy a tasty treat!

Alohomora! Open the doors of this magical experience for the whole family. Explore the city of Porto through its charming spots that helped inspire the creation of the magical world of Harry Potter. Discover the story behind J.K Rowling and her time at Port and reveal secret stories with the help of a friendly local. Remember, you have to say: “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good” for the secrets to be revealed!  Time for your Hogwarts adventure! Visit the Sao Bento station, admire its beautiful tiles and find the magical platform 9¾, don’t be late or the wall will bounce you back to the muggle’s world! Go straight to the source of inspiration, the place where J.K Rowling wrote down on a napkin the beginning of the famous sorcerer's boy, a café on an incredible Art Deco building. It’s truly magical! A true wizard should dress like one! Visit a shop that sells the university uniforms that inspired the student uniform at Hogwarts and you’ll immediately see the resemblance. If you are from the house ‘Gryffindor’, you’ll be proud to visit the ‘Lions Fountain’ to see the house insignia & to see the inspiration behind it.  If you are a true Potterhead, the Lello bookshop will brighten up your day. This magical shop is believed to have inspired multiple places in the Harry Potter world, let’s see if you can find out which ones! And while you might not have a ‘butterbeer’, you will enjoy a tasty pastry that is equally delicious at the best bakery in town. The magic of Porto inspired J.K Rowling in plenty of ways, even at one of the saddest moments in the books. At Clerigos Tower you’ll see why, because here there is no spoilers allowed! Remember the famous Azkaban prison, the jail of the wizarding world? Check out the place that was J.K. Rowling's source of inspiration and find out the dark history of the fortress that not many fans know about. After this experience your kids will be waiting for their letter of acceptance to Hogwarts!

What's included

  • Private guide
  • A Portuguese eclair
  • A Hogwarts surprise for the kids
  • 1 non alcoholic drink
  • Snacks

What's not included

  • Hotel Pickup and Drop Off