Church in Żnin

St Nicholas' Church

This 17th-century wooden structure is an unusual mix of architectural styles: Gothic, baroque, neoclassical and more modern additions. When the church was renovated in 1999, workers discovered original frescoes...

Museum in Żnin

Regional Museum

Żnin has a long tradition of publishing, with some of Poland's first illustrated magazines printed here. The regional museum celebrates this tradition with a small but interesting collection of early printing...

Tower in Żnin

Town Hall Tower

This 15th-century Gothic tower is eye-catching and all the more remarkable because it looks like something is missing. And it is: originally this former town hall had a wooden building attached, but this burnt...

Museum in Żnin

Wenecja Narrow Gauge Railway Museum

A showcase of narrow little engines, carriages and associated memorabilia. Across the rails from the museum are the ruins of a 14th-century castle. The museum is located southeast of town in Wenecja.