Accessible Travel

When it comes to accessible travel in Poland the general consensus is it's difficult, but doable.

Medieval town centres with cobblestones, stairs and high curbs present challenging mobility issues, and many older buildings, including hotels and museums, are not wheelchair friendly. However, all new buildings, including modern museums, art galleries, shopping malls and train stations, are designed to be accessible, and an increasing number of older buildings are being retrofitted with ramps, lifts and wider doors.

In terms of public transport, most trains, buses and trams have ramps and are designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

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Accessible Poland Tours Specialises in organising tours for travellers with disabilities and mobility problems.

Nie Pelno Sprawni ( Polish language only; up-to-date information on the current situation for people with disabilities in Poland.

ZTM Information on public transport in the capital (on the English-language website, click on Information and Travel Without Barriers).