Rynek Wielki

The Old Town is 600m long, 400m wide and surrounds a main square (Rynek Wielki) of exactly 100m by 100m. Look out for plaques on key buildings which offer succinct information about the buildings’ former use.

The Jewish Quarter

The area around the Rynek Solny and ul Zamenhofa was once the heart of the Jewish quarter. Jews were granted permission to settle in Zamość in 1588, and by the mid-19th century they accounted for 60% of the town’s 4000 people. By the eve of WWII their numbers had grown to 12,000 (45% of the total population). In 1941 they were forcibly removed by the occupying Germans to a ghetto formed to the west of the Old Town, and by the following year most had been killed at the Bełżec extermination camp.