Top Choice Museum in Zamość

Arsenal Museum

This museum of military hardware and the city's fortifications received a major facelift in 2015. The collections are housed in three buildings along the city's western bastions. One building is given over to weapon…
Museum in Zamość

Museum of Zamość

Two Armenian houses shelter the Zamość museum, with intriguing displays such as a scale model of the 16th-century town and a letter to Jan Zamoyski from his architect, Bernardo Morando, with a hand-drawn plan of the…
Museum in Zamość

Rotunda & Martyrdom Museum

About 500m southwest of the Old Town is the Rotunda – a ring-shaped fort 54m in diameter surrounding a circular yard. The rotunda was built in the 1820s as part of the defensive infrastructure of the town, but durin…
Church in Zamość


The cathedral was built by Morando from 1587 to 1598 as a votive offering and mausoleum for the Zamoyskis. The exterior changed dramatically in the 19th century, but the interior has maintained many original feature…
Architecture in Zamość

Franciscan Church

The Franciscan Church was built (between 1637 and 1655) it was reputedly one of the largest and most beautiful Baroque churches in the country. In 1784, the Austrian Empire abolished the Franciscan order, throwing t…
Fort in Zamość

Bastion VII

On the eastern edge of the Old Town is the best surviving bastion from the original city walls. You can take a group walking tour (in Polish only, though English text is available) through the renovated fortificatio…
Synagogue in Zamość


The city’s fascinating synagogue was built around 1620 and served as the Jewish community’s main house of worship until WWII, when it was shuttered by the Germans. The ceilings and design elements in the small main …
Tower in Zamość

Bell Tower

You can climb this free-standing bell tower, though the terrace is not high enough to offer a bird’s-eye view of the Old Town. The present tower was built from 1755 to 1775 after the original timber tower went up in…
Square in Zamość

Rynek Wielki

The Great Market Sq is the heart of Zamość's attractive Old Town. This impressive Italianate Renaissance square (exactly 100m by 100m) is dominated by the lofty, pink town hall and surrounded by colourful arcaded b…
Museum in Zamość

Sacral Museum

The Sacral Museum, featuring a collection of religious art accumulated by the church.